Matrix Holograms In The News

  • Davos 2023

    Stephanie Soetendal, CEO of Matrix Holograms, attended the World Economic Forum’s 2023 conference in Davos, where she shared insights on Matrix Holograms and the future of tutoring with emerging technology of Augmented Reality (AR) and AI Holograms.
  • Small Business, Big Life

    Founder & CEO of Matrix Holograms, Stephanie Soetendal, shared with Small Business, Big Life the mentality it took to build Matrix Tutors from the ground up.  Matrix Tutors is a virtual private tutoring company affiliated with Matrix Holograms.
  • Gautam and Jin Podcast

    In this podcast episode, CEO and Founder Stephanie Soetendal sat down with Gautam Siwach, Principal Technology Leader and Data Scientist at IBM, to discuss how Matrix Holograms hopes to transform the modern day education system and bring a personalized learning experience to every student. Additionally, you can hear more about the history of Matrix Holograms and how the company started.
  • Go Solo

    In an interview with Go Solo, an entrepreneurial blog, CEO Stephanie Soetendal shares more background on Matrix Holograms and a story on what motivated its founding.