Our Mission

"Our mission is to facilitate access education reserved for the top 1% to US public schools and low-income countries. Matrix Holograms provides a world class curriculum through our scalable, versatile, and adaptable educational platform. Matrix AI is versatile to be deployed to holograms, website, or virtual reality."

Matrix AI technology at a glance

Matrix Holograms offers subjects in Math, English, Science, and MCAS for grades 6-12. Students can select a course based on grade level and then are guided through a video that will ask them questions and adjust the course based on the checkpoint options.

To begin, students would:

  • Download the Matrix Holograms App
  • Take a diagnostic test to receive an algorithm-tailored curriculum
  • Begin lessons using the mobile app with content displayed as a hologram

At any point, the student can ask any question powered by IBM’s WatsonX

Coming Soon: IBM Watsonx Generative AI

Students can ask any question at any given point in the lesson generated by IBM's Watsonx Generative AI. Matrix’s AI can learn over time to adapt to students’ learning styles. While students are getting smarter, our AI is also learning how to best challenge them through machine learning.

Scan through below to review a demo offering and see how students can discover their infinite potential.