About Matrix Holograms

Matrix Holograms was founded by CEO Stephanie Soetendal in November 2022 with one goal: to democratize an elite education and deliver it at scale through AI powered Holograms. With rapid new developments in artificial intelligence and hologram technology, that vision is now a reality available for US public schools and low-income countries.

Stephanie recently sat down with TBD Media Group at Davos during the World Economic Forum to discuss the Matrix philosophy and mission more in-depth. The interviewed aired on CBS News. See the interview below.

From An Idea to A Hologram

Matrix Holograms is an AI software tutoring service at its core. The interactive AI functionalities of Matrix allows students to have the same experience as a live human tutor.

The Boston based start-up began its work by developing curriculum alongside Ivy-league educated tutoring experts. These experts have brought the Matrix curriculum to the next level with AI integration, so students can receive an individualized education via AI Holograms.

Matrix recruited the expertise of Newton Ventures, AI software developers. The AI functionalities are powered by IBM’s Watson Assistant.

In March of 2023, Matrix Holograms became an official partner of IBM.

About the Founding Team